About Us

The owners of Property Management Techniques Inc is Shina Lee. Assisting her is her husband, Brian Pregler. Together they have over 15-years of experience managing residential property. Their goal is to maintain and increase the value of your property, with as little expense to you and your association.

Shina Pregler has a degree in chemistry and currently is the office manager of PMT, Inc.

Brian Pregler has a managing brokers license with Property Management Realty, Inc and has his CAM and CMCA accredations. He is also a member of CAI. He is a property manager for PMT, Inc.

With them is accounting manager Anthony Clayton. He has a masters degree in accounting and has his CAM and CMCA accredations. He assists in the management of all properties and runs the accounting department.

Our Business

We manage everything, from single family homes to entire condominiums, townhomes and homeowner associations. We work with individuals, developers and board of directors.

We enjoy the challenges presented in creating ways to procure funds to complete projects for the properties, helping to ensure the value of the units increase.

We provide our clients with a better mix of expertise in various fields. We constantly attend seminars to ensure we are aware of the latest changes in the Illinois Not-For-Profit Act, as well as the Illinois Condominium Act.

Who We Are

We are the company people go to for results!

We use local contractors and businesses, and are looking to grow and expand, meeting new vendors and introducing them to associations needing their services.

We can refer owners and associations to many local businesses that will offer great service at competitive rates – us included!

We treat your property as if it was our own, so that we become part of the family…we are the company you can trust…we are Property Management Techniques, Inc.

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